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We are passionate about improving your operations through disruptive products to solve your business problems. We design our products for small to large companies that will optimise their asset’s performance for operations. The founders and the team of Dragon Eye IoT Technology dedicate our experience and support to your company and we create the perfect synergy to ensure the success of our customers.

Dr Henni Appelgryn


Family business Founder, He is an academic in China since 2007 and before moving to China, he was managing director at an IT company in South Africa. He is in an epic centre for futuristic solutions with his experience in the software and hardware arena. His international experience drives success and delivers his professional expertise to take the company to the next level.


Johan Appelgryn

Administrative Manager

He develops and oversees administration initiatives for the company. As the administrative manager responsibilities for planning, directing and coordinating activities that help the organisation to run efficiently. She takes on vital daily tasks, from planning reporting, and calendaring all installation arrangements to ensure speedy and quality that exceeds service levels.


Juan Appelgryn

Financial Manager

He provides financial support to our team and is vital for the smooth running of our business. As the financial administrator, he oversees the financial activities of a business and handles the accounts, an important part of any business. He prepares reports on the financial and administrative performance of the organization.


Marius Appelgryn

Technical Manager

As the technical manager, he is the point person for any issues that arise within the team. They make key decisions for technical issues related to our company and resolve customer complaints, balancing customer satisfaction and commercial viability. Provide pre-installation and aftercare advice to improve the customer experience.


Our Vision

  • Dragon Eye IoT Technology commit to being an industry leader, strives to nurture exciting and attract prospective customers through excellent service with innovative solutions, developing superior expertise with top-quality technology, contributing to the advancement of society within South Africa and engaging with a significant presence through the region.

Our Mission

  • To advance constantly the bounds of technology, building upon its proud traditions and strengths.
  • To provide comprehensive solutions, develop our strengths and extend technology opportunities to the benefit of our customers and the community.
  • To produce a solution of distinction committed to lifelong support, integrity, and professionalism, capable of being a responsive leader with a commitment to our customers.
  • Inspires a culture that fosters creativity and a supportive environment to attract, keep, and nurture customers.
  • To provide a safe and sustainable workplace to support and advance creativity and an innovative environment.
  • To engage in fostering knowledge, and hunger for innovative, high affected and leading-edge technology within and across all employees.
  • To be fully accountable for the effective management of the resources given to the enterprise and act in partnership with the community over the generation, dissemination, and application of knowledge.
  • To serve as a focal point of intellectual endeavour in South Africa and act as a gateway towards technology knowledge.

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